Taylor is super smart and he made sims 3 work for me so I can finally play again! I still have the Pahlavis but I started a new town to mess around with genetics and stuff and moved in the Williams family


Aimee is a neat freak who loves cooking and gardening while her husband Marley is an artistic virtuoso with dreams to become a successful writer


Their daughter Malika doesnt have too much going on yet but she will


They made the house feel more like theirs by relaxing and working on their hobbies for a while before Aimee got started teaching Malika to walk


Marley being not the mom had time to go meet the neighbors this is Aggiano Cohen the fairy.


Mr. Cohen had 3 very small cats with him


And when Marley went inside the first thing he saw was Aggiano’s roommate Eris the witch bouncing around in front of the TV


Hopefully this family adds some color to Appaloosa plains, im adding more like them later


Back home Malika finished learning to walk and Aimee took her out to the park to look for seeds


Meeting some new neighbors

Woman: nice to meet you! which dog is yours?

Aimee: I actually have to go


and Marley went to the library to learn the writing skill



Eso es yo. No es el mejor foto pero sirve. En el día en que tomé la foto, fui a una feria con mis amigas. Me maquillé muy valientemente, jaja, con morado en mis ojos. compré mucha comida a la feria, una papa, límonada, y oreos fritos. solo puedo enconrtar oreos fritos en ferias, pues, siempre los compro cuando los veo.